A Rosette of 1848 in Our Archives

On the corner of a parliamentary publication of 1848, pressed in sealing-wax, a sample of the cocharda nationalis was preserved, as it was called then: national cockade (tarajka; “crestlet”).
The cockade of tricolour was spread all over Europe by the French revolution. At the outset, the trimmings of a hat made of cock-feathers (coq=cock) were called this way, later the pleated ribbon trimmings were also referred to this way.
In Hungary, wearing a cockade of the national colours came into fashion after 15 March 1848. However, contrary to the French practice, the youth of the revolution in Pest did not pin it onto their hats but onto the lapel of their coats or onto the front from the heart. The soldiers of the army being raised wore it on their tunics or shakos