A Consultation under Saint Laurence’s Patronage in Pannonhalma

On 7 February, approximately twenty church archivists met to hold a consultation in Pannonhalma. The archivists mainly come from Transdanubia and discussed the actual questions of the common ecclesiastical-archival homepage (Matricula), the register-database, the larger professional projects, and the processes of publishing books. After the Midday Office and lunch, they visited the Archabbey’s brewery in Ravazd where they became acquainted with the activity of the manufacture producing abbey-beer of Belgian type. They could taste same of the products, as well. This item of programme was justified by the fact that archivists and brewers are helped in their work by their common patron, Saint Laurence. The other patron of the archivists is Saint Jerome. After October 2020, it was the second occasion for an archival consultation in Pannonhalma, which was completed with ale-tasting.

One can read about the official assent of the Vatican concerning the patrons of archivists here, and about the abbey’s brewery here.