The Conservation of Four Charters of the Arpadian Age

The 800-anniversary of the consecration of the third church of Pannonhalma is celebrated this year. In the jubilee year of the Basilica 800, an exhibition pays our respects to Abbot Uros, who had the church built. In the process of preparing the exhibition, four charters were conserved, which will be on show. In the first charter, Stephen – the Abbot of Monte Cassino – at the request of Abbot Uros visiting him transcribes Pope Innocent III’s letters-patent of 1208 for Saint Benedict’s monastery. (Capsa XXX K. – Nr. 35.) The second charter is one of 1216 by Pope Innocent III concerning the case of the Somogy-tithe, a lawsuit between the Abbey of Pannonhalma and the Order of Saint John. (Capsa XXXVI D. – Nr. 53.) In the third document of 1221, King Andrew II compiles and approves a list of estates, which were obtained by Abbot Uros. The diploma’s almost contemporary copy is registered under the same reference. (Capsa IV B. – Nr. 66.) In the fourth diploma of 1223, Andrew II confirms earlier royal donations being the due of Pannonhalma. (Capsa XXXI B. – Nr. 73.) After dry cleaning, softening in a steam-closet, levelling with local loading, the charters were put into acid-free storage boxes. The work was completed by Henriette Fehrentheil in the workshop of Ars Alba Conservation Bt, Szentendre.