Collectanea Sancti Martini X Is Published

The Bulletin of the Collections of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma traditionally publishes papers discussing the history of the Benedictine Order and papers related to the collections of the Order. In the volumed published in December 2023, one of the papers discusses codex-leaves, which might have been parts of a missal with musical notation probably completed in the scriptorium of Tihany at the beginning of the 14th century, and which were used to comprise the binding of the account-book of one of the castellans of Tihany during the Turkish rule. In the Bulletin, among others, one can read about the prison in Pannonhalma, a Camaldolese and a Jesuit religious association in Győr, Gergely Czuczor’s hymn-translations completed during his imprisonment in Kufstein, and the liturgical renewal in Pannonhalma after the Second Vatican Council.

The volume’s contents can be looked at here. It can be ordered here.